Emma Taylor Business Coaching & Training.

I help service businesses focus on the most profitable part of their service, then sell that service to their most profitable clients.

I identify and make profitable the core function of your business.

All businesses have a “Queen Bee Role”, although you deliver many benefits to your clients your QBR is the real reason they hire you.

Your business becomes more efficient and more profitable when you focus on your core function or “Queen Bee Role”. This means your skills become more sought after and easier to sell.

Your core function or QBR is the joining together of your clients main need and your main skill. Once you’ve identified your clients main need and your main skill your business can really start to grow and make real profits.

“Emma uncovered our core skill set and boosted our profits”

Aliyah Davis, Business Consultant

“Emma gave us more leads & more profits with less work”

Jean Stockdale, Web Developer

The Work I Do.

I help all kinds of businesses, here are a few examples.

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